Why You Need Showjumping and Eventing Insurance


Why do you need showjumping insurance and eventing insurance? Why not just one of the two? If you are an equestrian and you have seen lots of accidents during the event, especially with horses, you will realize that you need insurance to protect your horse. It may be that your horse is already covered with its own insurance, but you might not have any idea that your horse insurance is short on coverage, especially when your horse gets into an accident during the showjumping event. It is your horse, and you have been partners with it since you started your equestrian adventure. It will be hard for you when an accident comes during the event and you do not have an insurance that will cover up the injuries and hospitalization needed for your horse. Even if you already have the horse insurance, it does not cover the accident that happened during the event. This is the reason why you need the showjumping and eventing insurance.

Showjumping insurance and eventing insurance go together if you are active in both activities. You could either only have the show jumping insurance if you only participate in showjumping activities. The same can be said with eventing insurance, but when you take a look at the policies listed under each of these insurances, you will find out that the contents are almost different from each other.

Take for example with showjumping insurance, in most insurance companies, they offer what is called the loss of use of your horse. It covers your showjumping horse from being permanently and rendered incapable of being able to perform. This is covered only when it is resulted from an injury or illness that happened or just started during the time of the showjumping insurance. Another insurance coverage is protection on the horse against permanently and no longer able to perform in which the result of the injury is due to violent and external ways. This is only applicable when you have already taken this insurance and purchased it for your horse.

As with any eventing insurance company, there are different types of coverage available. It covers mostly when your horse is going to an event and needs to travel. During these travels, the insurance will protect your horse against accidents when you and your horse are on transit. Some insurance policies also cover specialized protection, particularly in Europe. It is designed this way since there are a lot of eventing competitions going on there. You only need to specify your needs to your insurance company and they will arrange it for you.

You should also know that not every insurance company you meet will have the same kind of insurance policies offered nor do they have similar prices on it. When you hunt for insurance coverage for your horse, make sure that you collect at least three first. You can conduct an interview to see which of one of them is the best for your horse. The same also goes when you purchase insurance and another equestrian also has the same policy as yours and yet the prices are different.