Do You Really Need Insurances For Your Horse?


This is often the question that most horse breeding owners always ponder, but it is natural to have insurance ready in the event that financial losses are going to come. Horse owners have their horses insured in order to protect themselves from losing too much of their financial assets because they were not ready. Equestrians also have purchased their very own showjumping and eventing insurance so that they can protect their horse in the event of being stolen, got away or accidentally killed while on transit. Being a horse breeder, both your stallions and mares should be protected, too. There are times when stallions are infertile and cannot impregnate a single mare, which results to losses on your part. Thoroughbred insurance and stallion insurance are recommended to horse farm owners if they want to protect not only their financial assets, but also to protect your horses from the harsh unpredictability of Mother Nature.

First of all, you need to know what makes thoroughbred insurance and stallion insurance different from each other. Thoroughbred insurance policies cover the mortality of your equine investments, only in death and not against injury. It also covers the horse in the case when it becomes killed, lost or other policies include FLT or Fire, Lightning and Transportation. This one is a limited policy than the full mortality policy. This provides coverage to losses or deaths that are caused by transportation accidents, lightning, and fire. Death by disease or sickness is not covered in this policy, which makes it less expensive compared to the full mortality policy. There are certain cases in which insurance companies will not comply with your claims in the case that a number of your horses are killed in an unexplained way. Insurance companies investigate the case to see whether or not the situation calls for the insurance to cover it. When your horses are killed intentionally, you will lose the chance to get insurance coverage for it.

Stallion insurance is more geared towards the stallion’s ability to impregnate a mare. The mortality policy of stallion insurance covers the time when the stallion has become permanently impotent, infertile or loose the ability to impregnate the mares which is a result from a disease they contracted or from an illness and accident. Another policy included in this coverage insurance is the loss of income. Horse breed owners can insure from the loss of income which is resulted from their stallion unable to do their stud duties, especially during their breeding season. This policy is totally dependent on how the wording is written out, which can exclude or include the loss because of the stallion’s death.

Other than thoroughbred insurance and racehorse insurance, there are insurances for mares, too, especially if they are barren. It would affect your business and income if your stallion is very healthy, yet the mare is not. Insurance policies do not just hand out the claims if they see that there is nothing wrong with your stallion, yet the problem lies with your mare. You will also meet some policies that requires fifty mares per stallion to get it insured, although this can be arranged depending on the insurance company you are dealing with. To get the best out of your insurance policies, select at least three insurance companies before you settle with one, and compare their policies or coverages to see where you can get a good competitive price for your own protection and your horse breeding business.